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Rerum Novarum Center

GUARDING TAIWAN TOGETHER   ORIGIN   The “Ignatian Jubilee Year” is a time to remind us “to stand with the disadvantaged.” The foreign fishermen are the most marginalized workers. They have no status to receive official assistance and lack epidemic prevention materials to protect themselves and others. The Jesuits Information & Development Office and Rerum Novarum Center have launched a campaign to raise "Epidemic Prevention Relief Packs", so as to collect epidemic prevention materials and donate them to foreign fishermen. We hope to invite the general public to come together and care for our marginalized brothers.   the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the Rerum Novarum Center has continued to promote the concept of epidemic prevention and distributed masks to foreign fishermen during outreach services at the different fishing ports. In addition to encouraging the fishermen to use these masks during the period of severe epidemic and the escalation of epidemic prevention, they also promote the current government epidemic prevention policies, and invite the cooperation of fishermen to reduce the occasions of movement and going outdoors.   “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18   EPIDEMIC PREVENTION MATERIAL NEEDS MASKS Foreign fishermen need a lot of physical strength in their work, which can cause them to sweat and wet their masks. The government epidemic prevention policy to wear masks outdoors (otherwise, they will be fined), causes the very large daily demand for masks. FACE SHIELDS Since the foreign fishermen live and work in the boats and also in the harbors, they come into contact with many people, besides the boat owners, fishermen in the same port, passersby at the harbor and the people who help deliver the fish to the market. Besides the masks, they also need transparent face shields to reduce the contact of droplets. ALCOHOL The lives of foreign fishermen are mostly centered on the boat. There is no dormitory on land to live in. The environment where many people live must be cleaned and disinfected frequently to prevent the virus from raging on the boat environment. Thus, the need for alcohol cannot be overlooked. We expected to raise at least 250 sets of the “Epidemic Prevention Relief Pack” at 600NT each, which includes a box of 50 masks, 2 protective transparent face shields, and 1 bottle of alcohol. A set can provide a fisherman with at least a month’s epidemic prevention materials. Considering factors such as the preservation, sorting and distribution of materials, we urge the public to donate and support. Rerum Novarum Center will uniformly purchase and arrange the distribution method so that the fishermen can obtain the epidemic prevention materials immediately. If you wish to donate in kind, please call Rerum Novarum Center first.   DONATION BENEFICIARY The raised epidemic prevention materials and funds will be fully invested in the needs of the foreign fishermen. In such an unfriendly environment, the foreign fishermen can help to protect themselves and those around them, through these epidemic prevention materials. Let us work together to help Taiwan go through the tide of the epidemic. We urge the public to respond together to the call for donations to foreign fishermen. Only ACTIONS can truly protect everyone’s health! ! !     ABOUT RERUM NOVARUM CENTER Since the establishment by Fr. Jose Ellacuria S.J. in 1971, the Rerum Novarum Center has been accompanying and caring for the disadvantaged in the workplace. The Center makes use of the professional services of social workers to assist disaster-stricken workers, foreign migrant workers, fishermen, tribal aborigines and their industries. Center focuses on early talent cultivation, has also set up a shelter to assist migrant workers who have suffered improper treatment by employers; and safeguard the basic life and work rights of the socially disadvantaged. At the same time, the Center provides relevant assistance and resource links for the difficulties and needs encountered by those being served in their current situation, as well as assist them to move forward.   DONATION METHODS 1. Bank ATM or Remittance : name: 財團法人天主教耶穌會 Bank: Hua Nan Bank – Xin Yi Branch (Bank Code : 008) Number: 119-10-004033-9 Please indicate 「新事防疫包」"Rerum Novarum Center Epidemic Prevention Pack". Please fill in the form - https://forms.gle/qRWguYpMXEY4AGSz5 after ATM or online bank transfer and remittance. (NOTE : During the epidemic period, the inter-bank transfer fee for online banking is free of handling fees, subject to the announcement of each bank and the Financial Regulatory Commission.) 2. Post Office Transfer : Account Number: 50204303 Account Name: 財團法人天主教耶穌會 Please indicate 「新事防疫包」 "Rerum Novarum Center Epidemic Prevention Pack". 3. Credit Card Donation: Please directly press the "Online Donation" function of this webpage or click here : 按此下載紙本授權書to download the Authorization Form.   If you have any comments or questions about donation and sponsorship, please contact us directly. Rerum Novarum Center : 02-2397-1933 extension 102 or 101 Jesuit Information & Development Office 02-23212442 extension 510 or 507

Manresa Spirituality Center

Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening. (1 Samuel 3: 10)     Mission and Hope “MANRESA” is a sacred place where we may re-encounter our loving Lord and ourselves in greater depth. It is a special Encounter embedded in our memory. There are many who, after their retreat here, carry the beautiful and sweet memory of their communion with the Lord that they cherish for a long time. That is the reason why so many of them like re-visiting MANRESA SPIRITUALITY CENTER in order to refresh themselves and create a new memory of their fresh encounter with our Lord in their prayers, which will inspire, guide, and enlighten their daily life in the world.   “MANRESA” does not merely belong to the Jesuits; it is a precious jewel of the whole Taiwan Church. All the staff in “MANRESA” feel honored to provide excellent and warm service. They hope to offer better service to the participants through this renovation project.    Fundraising context “MANRESA” was designed and built in 1960 according to the need of the Jesuit religious formation. It has been transformed in different ways due to the changes in the needs: religious formation house →retreat house→spirituality center. It underwent a major renovation 20 years ago in order to provide 24 comfortable suite-rooms and some other facilities.   “MANRESA” used to accommodate religious and clerics. There are more and more lay Catholics and lay Protestants who come here and expect different facilities for their spiritual activities and retreats. Therefore, “MANRESA” needs to provide more suitable space for personal praying, communal interaction, tranquil/recreation room, barrier-free guestroom, secretary’s office, etc.     Fundraising Project and Goal: NT. 6 million dollars.   工程內容 一、內部空間整建與外部邊坡滑落整修加固   renovation inside the building and slope protection outside 增設整修三個祈禱空間 3 new prayer rooms 增設一個團體互動空間 1 new community- sharing room 增設一間無障礙套房 1 new barrier-free guestroom 增設一個放空的靜謐休閒室 1 new recreation room 整修秘書室 1 new secretary’s office 坡地整理 slope protection 坡地水土保持 加勁擋土牆 二、維修基金 maintenance fund 建於1960年的靜山,仍有許多老舊硬體設備仍待更新維修,需要您長期的捐款支持,作為日常設備更新之用。 A restricted fund is needed for some other minor renovations in the near future due to the old age of the building.     freebies   NT.600 “A Listening Heart” journey diary and memo     NT.2000   Manresa Key holder (50 sets, limited)     Methods of Donation: 1. Cash 2. Bank Transfer 3. Credit Card payment authorization     Manresa Spirituality Center FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/manresa.tw TEL:+886-4-712-2259~61 EMAIL:secmanresa.tw@gmail.com http://bit.ly/2sLrmlH  

Fu Jen Faculty of Theology of St. Robert Bellarmine

  This ecclesiastical faculty of theology was established in Zikawei, Shanghai (China), in 1929, and transferred to Baguio, the Philippines, in 1952. In 1967,according to the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, this Faculty was transferred back to Chinese cultural environment and located next to Fu Jen Catholic University, in Taiwan. Thereafter, according to the wishes of many ecclesiastical Prelates, the Faculty was converted into an Institute of Superior Ecclesiastical Studies open to Jesuit and non-Jesuit students alike. Fu Jen Faculty of Theology of St. Robert Bellarmine is authorized by the Congregation for Catholic Education to confer the academic degrees of Baccalaureate, Licentiate, and Doctorate in Sacred Theology. Indeed, this Faculty of Theology is the only one in the world granted such authority with Mandarin Chinese as the language of instruction.   In 1968, in response to the demonstrated interest and need by the faithful, lay and religious, for study of theology and other sacred sciences for the enrichment of their Christian lives and for exercise of their apostolate more fruitfully in cooperation with clergy, an Institute of Religious Sciences was founded and attached to the Faculty with the authority to award academic degrees.   This Faculty carries out its mission in communion with the universal Church and with particular solicitude for the local Church. The Church’s mission of theological research and education, forming clergy, consecrated religious, and laity, has developed over time from the wisdom of the People of God, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in dialogue with, and discernment of, the signs of the times and diverse cultural expressions. Your support for this mission would be greatly appreciated.   Fund Goal Objective Xu Guangqi Scholarship Fund NT$2,500,000 per annum Scholarships for Lay Students Yang Ting-jun Faculty Fund NT$1,200,000 per annum Support for Lay Faculty members Fr. Mark Fang, S.J., Biblical Theology Professor Endowment NT$30,000,000 Endow Chair for Professor of Biblical Theology, 20 years Faculty of Theology General Fund NT$1,066,000 current budget shortfall Unrestricted donations to meet significant current needs as determined by the Faculty of Theology   Contact Information: 02-29017270 ext.259 or 507; contact email: tmdo.fj@gmail.com   Methods of Donation: 1. Cash 2. Bank Transfer 3. Credit Card payment authorization     Mission Development Office EMAIL: tmdo.fj@gmail.com TEL: +886 2-2901-7270 ext. 259 FAX: +886 2-2906-2439  

General giving

The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) is a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church with members spread throughout the world. There are presently in Greater China hundreds of Jesuits coming from 25 countries.   Jesuits are continuing the mission of Jesus Christ to preach, teach, heal, and reconcile. We ponder and interpret what God is saying in our hearts and we hope that finding God in all things we may with all our strength proclaim His glory.   We are ready to follow God under even the most difficult circumstances, to enter into and engage in dialogue with those of other faiths, cultures and value systems, and to stand in the front lines in the pursuit of justice and peace, bringing the message of the gospel that all men are yearning for deep in their hearts.     This project will assist the Jesuits in the past year to help the pastoral and apostolic work, and the offerings will be distributed by the Jesuits.     Other ways to support Check, Bank transfer, Cash, Credit card payment authorization, please see FAQ