Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer)

Pope Francis: “Be mindful: the heart of the Church’s mission is prayer. We can do so many things, but without prayer it does not work.”   “Institute Introduction, Mission and Vision”   Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (PWPN) is the newly developed name of Apostleship of Prayer (AOP) whereas its organization and constitution were approved by the Pope in March 2018. Under the rapid change of the world, facing the culture and language of this era, its new form and face, continue to serve the mission of preaching the gospel. Recognizing the spirit of the church at the beginning, that is go with Christ, live out readily the life of Eucharist, PWPN promote actively to live the daily life with joy and a sacrificed heart so that we can establish close relationship with Christ, and to became real apostles. Practically PWPN spread the Pope’s wish of prayer every month, through PWPN we invite all to pay attention to the challenge of the world and the church, and pray together for the needs of the world and the church.     “Direction of Movement”   Promote a simple but deep spiritual Christian way of living through daily prayer. Offer everything of ours: prayer, work, pain and joy, combined with Christ’s offering to God. This gives us the meaning of our divine daily lives. Through the “Click to Pray” APP in Chinese, help the Christian to pray at three moments during the day. Not only in the church of Taiwan, but also in the world of Christian using Chinese to participate in PWPN, enrich and deepen their spiritual lives. Every summer there will be Eucharistic camp to help the children and teenagers to build up community spirit, love the Blessed Sacrament and Sacred Heart fervently so that the participants can integrate their daily lives with their faith, and live out the vocations of the Christian under good or bad conditions. Offer everything in life to Christ and follow Christ’s spirit to serve with joy and sacrifice. The monthly publication of Shalom, both in digital and printed, will include short reflection on Mass readings to help Christian on the daily readings. Donation of NT$800 and above will get the Shalom in printing for one year.     “Donation Need”   PWPN needs more than one million NT dollars annually to operate, including the preparing of praying cards, booklets, Shalom, network maintenance, promotion and administration. All costs are covered by people donation. Thank you for the generous support to keep this wonderful work and May God bless you for your generosity!     Methods of Donation: 1. Cash 2. Bank Transfer 3. Credit Card payment authorization     read more »


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