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Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

In order to protect your rights and interests, you must read the following agreed terms in detail; when make and complete the online donation through eoffering platform, you are considered as to have known and agreed to all the terms of this agreement:


The purpose of this agreement is to protect the eoffering platform (hereinafter referred as “this site”) and the rights and interests of all those who donate online (hereinafter referred as “members”). The terms of this agreement are as follows:


I. Personal Data Security

1. In order to complete the transaction, all members who donate online on this site must guarantee that the input information is consistent with the facts.


2. For the members information, in addition to adopting a secure transaction mode, this site is committed to the confidentiality obligations. The members information will not be arbitrarily leaked or provided to a third party except for the completion of the transaction provided to the relevant organization or partner.


3. We may view or provide the member's personal information to the authority, or to a third-party who claims their rights have been infringed with appropriate positive proof:

  • when necessary, as required by law or as ordered by a judicial authority or other competent authority;
  • In order to implement the terms of this agreement, or if member violates these terms;
  • In order to maintain the normal operation and to keep the safety of this site;
  • To protect the legitimate rights and interests of this site, members, or related third parties;


4. Members should keep their personal information, payment information (including credit card information), and member passwords in a safe place to avoid leakage. All actions after entering this site using their account and password are presumed to be the actions of the account and password holder.


II. Online Donation

1. This site provides an online donation platform(eoffering) and payment gateway.


2. The organization or group that provides each project or service are responsible for relevant projects or services. This site is committed to assist members to resolve any questions or disputes arising from online donations.


3. Once members make online donations on this site, they are presumed to be willing to donate and abide by the donation rules.


4. For all online donations made on this site, members should agree to the e- transaction data recorded on this site as determination standard when there is any dispute. If members find the transaction information is incorrect, they should immediately notify our customer service center.


5. This website may contain external links. All information on these linked websites or web pages is provided by the linked website. This site does not guarantee its accuracy, credibility or real-time update of its content.


III. System security

  1. This site does not guarantee that the information uploaded by members will be displayed normally and the accuracy of such data transmission; if members find errors or omissions in this site, please notify the customer service center immediately.


2. The system will regularly back up the data. Unless the system is intentional or grossly negligent, members should agree that the system is not responsible for the data deleted by mistake or the backup failed storage.


IV. Changes to this Privacy Policy

  1. In addition to these terms, members should abide by other relevant notes and instructions of this site for online donations.


  1. This site reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. The revised terms will be posted on this site without separate notice. Members shall agree to continue to abide by the revised terms.


V. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Members agree these terms and all online donations made on this site shall be based on the laws of Republic of China.
  2. Any litigation arising from this clause shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the first instance court of Taiwan Taipei District Court.


Notification letter before personal data collection

This eoffering platform is developed by Linkuswell Technologies Co., Ltd. and hosted by this organization to ensure the protection of donor's personal data, privacy and rights, donor's personal data will be used in the transaction process according to the Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, which provides notification of the following:

I. Purpose and method of collection

The collection purpose is for customer management and membership management (statutory specific purpose subject number: 063,090). The collection method will be used to collect personal data through membership sign in.



II. Types of personal data collection

Personal data collected by the organization on the website includes

  1. C001 identifies individuals: such as the donor's name, address, telephone, email and other information.
  2. C002 identifies the financial-related information: such as credit card or transfer account information.
  3. C003 government database: such as ID  number or passport number (foreigner).
  4. C011 personal description: such as gender, nationality, date of birth.


III. Collection period, area, object and method

  1. Period: The period during which the organization operates.
  2. Region: Donor’s personal data will be used in Taiwan.
  3. Object and method: Donor’s personal data is collected and used for functions such as membership management and customer management of the organization.
  4. For financial transactions and authorization: Financial-related information provided by donor’s will be submitted to financial institutions during financial transaction processes (such as credit card authorization and transfer) to complete financial transactions.


IV. Rights of Consumer Personal Data

Donor has the rights of the parties in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Law and can call our customer service to apply.

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