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We should go to where in need

For 480 years, Society of Jesus has served Church in new and unique ways, leaving countless moving stories that have passed along the torch from generation to generation. As Jesuits, we are all servants of Mission of Christ. This is a common experience derived from the Spiritual Exercises which is to recognize ourselves as a sinner in the grace of God. However, we were called to be companions of Jesus as Ignatius, and established religious congregations to serve Jesus Christ.


Jesuits share the mission of Church to preach the Gospel of Jesus Chris, and save the souls. The current mission of Jesuits is to serve faith and promote the justice of gospel in society. The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius constantly inspired Jesuits to listen to and respond to the Call of God right here, right now, and further to achieve the goal of “AMDG”.


The common way Jesuits work is to take their inner experiences as begin and extend outward to become “the one who seeks the will of God”. From small groups in initial to 20,000 Jesuits scattered across five continents of the world, the mission of Jesuits is a kind of pilgrimage and labor in Christ as “pilgrim” and “discernment” in the Spiritual Exercises of the founder St. Ignatius. The Congregation is the path of Jesuits to God. Meanwhile, it is sensitive to the situation of modern society and the aspiration of people, being ready to respond to the mission of evangelization in Church.



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