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Taipei Ignatian Spirituality Center

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither—whatever they do prospers - Ps. 1:3       In the Bible trees symbolize life and blessing from God. The love of God gives life to a tree, makes it grow tall and causes its leaves to flourish. Recently, a tree has appeared in the Taipei Ignatian Spirituality Center. The root and trunk of this tree are Jesus Christ. The leaves of this tree are our benefactors. This tree, planted in love, is our donor recognition plaque!       The benefactors of the Spirituality Center come from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, North America and other countries around the world. The generosity of our donors allows us to live out our mission: inviting people to encounter Christ, to hear Christ’s voice more clearly and to feel Christ’s love more deeply. Thanks to the support of benefactors we can provide various services, such as: individual spiritual direction, Ignatian prayer workshops, weekend retreats, 8-day retreats, 30-day retreats, using film to pray, using art to pray, praying with nature, discernment workshops, parish retreats and other spiritual activities. At this time we are also training twelve new spiritual directors.       The Spirituality Center team is grateful to our benefactors. We wish to acknowledge and thank them through this tree of gratitude. The tree has a unique design, each leaf has the name of a benefactors carved onto its surface. Currently, there are still some leaves that are empty, awaiting the hand of the carver. Would you like to be a part of this tree, to be grafted onto this tree? This tree includes names of donors who have given NTD$30,000 or more. However, we are grateful to every one of our benefactors. The Spirituality Center invites you to be a part of our mission. Through the activities offered by the Center, we serve God together. May we cooperate to help people know Jesus more intimately, love him more deeply and follow him more closely.       At this time, our greatest need is covering daily operating expenses. Due to the pandemic, several activities this year were suspended or cancelled. This has affected the Center’s income. However, there are basic costs (such as rent, electricity and salaries) that we must cover. Although such items may seem mundane, we wish to overcome them in order to keep offering our services in the months and years ahead. Whether it is online or in-person, our team hopes to offer more activities in 2022 and so invite even more people to encounter Christ.       No matter what challenges we face in this life, Jesus stands beside us. He lovingly encourages us saying, “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.” (Luke 6:43-44). We believe that Jesus is already within us—you and me—giving us grace to bear good fruit. May the love of Christ fill the hearts of each one of us, guide the direction of our lives, inspire what we say, what we do and our daily life decisions.       Do you desire to hear Christ’s voice more clearly? In what part of your life do you most need Christ’s new life today (e.g. family life, work, prayer)? We welcome you to come and visit the Taipei Ignatian Spirituality Center. Come, have a look around, enjoy the quiet space or participate in an activity. If you are interested in details, please browse our facebook page (台北依納爵靈修中心) or contact us directly.       Thank you! Every donation is helpful to us. The Spirituality Center team members are truly grateful to you. Without your support and care, we could not offer our activities. The team here prays for you and each of our benefactors.       In life, we will face challenges and trials. At the same time, Jesus has come into this world to be among us—God is with us! May the Jesus bless you with new life in your work, leisure, service and prayer during this Christmas season!   Director Fr. Elton Fernandes, SJ and The Taipei Ignatian Spirituality Center Team     I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit – John 15:5       Fundraising Items: 1. Support activities and daily operating costs of the Spirituality Centre a. Support the daily operating costs of running the Center b. Support people with financial difficulties that would like to participate in spiritual activities, e.g. students, nuns, seminarians, priests or people who live on the margins of society. c. Support the formation and training of new spiritual directors (lay people, nuns and priests)   Each of these items is important to our service and is in need of support. Thank you for your generosity and care.   Methods of Donation: 1. Cash 2. Bank Transfer 3. Credit Card payment authorization   Gifts for your donation: (one-time gifts or regular donations)   Donations of NT$2000 or more: a wooden hand-held cross that represents God’s love for us. Donations of NT$30,000 or more: your name will appear on the donor recognition plaque in the spirituality center.    The wooden cross is 14x8cm   Introduction, Mission and Vision The mission of the Taipei Ignatian Spirituality Center (CIST) is to assist people to hear Christ’s voice and feel his love in daily life. Once people feel the care, acceptance and guidance of Jesus, it is easier to share his love with others.   Today many people are troubled by loneliness and other wounds on the heart. Additionally, the pandemic has influenced the whole world in profound ways. Such challenges and tensions make us even more hungry for the love and care of God. They lead us to search more deeply for meaning in life.   The CIST team use Ignatian spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises to help people draw closer to God. Through various spiritual activities such as: individual spiritual direction, prayer workshops, weekend retreats, 8-day retreats, 30-day retreats, using film to pray, using art to pray, discernment workshops, prison ministry, parish retreats and formation of spiritual directors. Through such activities we invite people to encounter God and develop a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ. Thank you for joining us in this important work.   The importance of Ignatian spirituality: Recently the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) announced 4 apostolic preferences or goals to focus our efforts for the next ten years around the world. The first preference is to show the way to God through the Spiritual Exercises and discernment. This worldwide preference relates very much to our work. The Spirituality Center team hopes that in our new home even more people will encounter Christ, feel his love and hear his voice. We invite you to walk with us so that we may achieve this goal together, so that we may live out Christ’s mission together.   Thank you for your prayer and support. You are in our prayers. May the Lord bless you and your family with much grace in 2022.   Director Fr. Elton Fernandes, SJ and The Taipei Ignatian Spirituality Center Team          

Sacred Heart Church Guting

Sacred Heart Church Guting    And do not forget to do good, and to impart; for by such sacrifices God's favour is obtained. ( Hebrews13:16)   Introduction, Mission and Vision Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Guting will enter the 38th year this year. Our mission is to help people meet Jesus, know Jesus, and love Jesus. Live the love, life, and joy of the children of God, and be willing to follow Jesus and participate in the mission of Jesus' love and service. We are longing for brothers and sisters can feel that the parish is a big family of God with people. Arouse laities can get out of their comfort zone and be more enthusiastic about the mission of evangelization and service, so that the parish can be active and expand in communion, service and evangelization. Lead more people who have not known Jesus and be a part of the big family of God's people.   No man lighteth a candle, and putteth it in a hidden place, nor under a bushel; but upon a candlestick, that they that come in, may see the light. (Luke 11:33)   Direction The work continues this year is as following: 1. Provide kinds of sacrament and celebrations of communion. 2. Develop Sunday school and cultivate youth fellowship 3. Set up of Catechumen classes 4. Promote social justice caring action 5. Advance family patrol works: Except for promoting family prayer and Eucharistic Adoration in Sunday school, a series of lectures on family spirituality are also held, which is expected to help the laities to use their faith with Jesus to confront challenges of family and marriage. 6. New-evangelization pastoral renewal program: Transforms into a "parish with a focus on evangelization" and hopes to promote the new evangelization of Catholic Church in Taiwan.    I. The "Faith Formation Center" will be established by the collaboration of this church, Holy Family Church Taipei and Fu Jen Faculty of Theology to launch a complete faith-cultivation course and guide to become mature Christian step by step.   II. Promote the evangelistic cell group—the cell group is mainly engaged in praying, bible studying, sharing, and intercession. It is expected that the Bible will be used to deeply drive the laities into faith, and let the parish become to an expanding apostolic group.    That the communication of thy faith may be made evident in the acknowledgment of every good work, that is in you in Christ Jesus. (Philemon 01:06)   Purpose Self-supporting programs are actively promoted. We sincerely invite everyone who is grateful to God and belong to the family of the parish, to participate generously in the dedication plan. This is a crucial index of the recognition, and it is also very helpful for the finance of the parish. In response to the request of the National Tax Administration in the future, all donations require detailed information, including the ID number. Therefore, whether you are making your first donation, you are requested to fill in the details on your self-supporting dedication bag. Inconveniences place to ask respectfully to forgive and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the information counter on Sunday.   A little leaven corrupteth the whole lump. (Galatians 5:9)   Other methods of Donation  1. Cash 2. Bank Transfer 3. Credit Card payment authorization     Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gutingsacredheartchurch